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Welcome to Do You Know?; a story-telling podcast brought to you by Sarah Michelle Wong. Sarah is a transition/empowerment specialist, certified life coach and the owner of Metamorphosis 101. Each episode offers guests an opportunity to share a slice of their life that perhaps has lived in the shadows, answering their version of the question "Do you know how it feels to?..."

Episodes range the spectrum of emotion, from sad to hilarious to enlightening, and everything in between. We dive into experiences around addiction, racial identity, adoption, survivors guilt, and so much more. We truly hope you enjoy!

Oct 13, 2021

This week, we welcome Dr. Melissa Crane.  Melissa is an author, holistic chiropractor, massage therapist and spiritual healer on a mission to share her wisdom of sacred feminine, masculine, and the child within. 

In this episode, Melissa shares her journey through self discovery by searching for love everywhere besides herself for her entire life, only to realize true love must first come from within. 

Melissa recently released her passion project book, "The House" (available now on Amazon click here to purchase your copy!) 

Connect with Melissa: Instagram @Melissa.a.crane |